The Baker's Dozen Deadly Sins


Controversial current societal issues developed and presented in a short film TWISTED TALE format. Each has a style and sensibility of its own.

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TWISTED TALE 1: (ENVY-completed) One male, one female: A younger adult sister may or may not be poisoning her brother to death because “Mom loved you more”. 10 minutes.

TWISTED TALE 2: (MATERIALISM) One lead male, one lead female, six background singers/dancers. In a Bollywood music video, a couple sing and dance in rich, golden clothes and environments which slowly turn to rags and lived-in boxes, but they, in the end, are just as happy, romantic and in love. 4 minutes. (IN DEVELOPMENT)

TWISTED TALE 3: (WRATH- completed) One lead female, two lead males. A mass killer can get an AK-47 in a country grocery/post office/drivers test center easier than a man can get a driver’s license. 8 minutes.

TWISTED TALE 4: (CENSORSHIP) One lead male, one lead female, three antagonists, three protagonists, filmmaker and crew. A director and crew filming a love scene try to make it realistic but out of nowhere a priest, network censor and distributor appear to place X cards over private parts. Several adult film audience members appear and agree or take cards off. Argument between filmmaker, crew, actors, censors and an audience on the boundaries of actor, crew and audience expectations of lovemaking. 9 minutes. (IN DEVELOPMENT)

TWISTED TALE 5: (BIGOTRY) Documentary presenting a specific side of the immigration ban story. 8 minutes. (IN DEVELOPMENT)

TWISTED TALE 6: (IGNORANCE) One female. Carnival barkeress, traveling pots and pan huckster lady selling miracle but typical packaged goods foods from back of a wagon, loaded with harmful ingredients. Nitrates, PCB, etc. 6 minutes. (IN DEVELOPMENT)

TWISTED TALE 7: (LIP SERVICE) Multiple cast. War veteran who managed up to 500 soldiers in battle can’t get a job because of “no management experience”. 8 minutes. (IN DEVELOPMENT)

TWISTED TALE 8: (GREED- completed) 3 males, 3 females. Man takes Reporter hostage, is deluged with press and social media offers to sell his murder story – before and while he is killing the reporter. 7 minutes.

TWISTED TALE 9: (DISCRIMINATION) With language and arguments, and native tribal court rulings similar to the Muslim Ban, Original Native Americans will not let the Mayflower land. 9 minutes. (IN DEVELOPMENT)

TWISTED TALE 10: (ARROGANCE) A mafia don runs his operation very similar to the White House or vice versa. 5 minutes. (IN DEVELOPMENT)

TWISTED TALE 11: (CAPITALISM) A Healthcare company internal marketing meeting is pricing livers, antibiotics, medical care based on what research says the market will bear. 6 minutes. (SPRING 2020)

TWISTED TALE 12: (POSSESSION) A woman is possessed by actions surrounding her. (Post-production)

TWISTED TALE 13: (LUST) Five women, seven men, a nude Lady Godiva gives a speech supporting her right and need to ride naked taken from a true story. As the camera reveals her facing men with rocks, she changes into a Latino, African American, Asian, Indian and back to Lady Godiva. She is stoned to death at the end of her speech for being naked. 5 minutes. (Post-production)