In Development

In Development


It all started with...

the ambition to change filmmaking as it exists currently. We recognize that women/minorities are often treated as second class citizens in the workplace and in society, and in every project we create, we will strive to create leading roles in front of and behind the camera for women/minorities. 

Currently, in all levels of production, we have our feature film "The Baker's Dozen Deadly Sins". It is a series of thirteen vignettes assembled together into a possible full-length movie; or social SINS can be presented individually or in groups. Two of these vignettes are in post-production, two are cast and are now in pre-production, and the rest are in the writing and development stages.  SINS can be written by Cinema eVerité LLC principals, collaborators, developed in workshop, commissioned to creators or bought as finished product. 


We are also exploring, developing unique stories based on previously successful stage plays, published literature, life stories, current news and so on. We are:

•  Exploring development of an old script of a down and out busker on the streets of Venice, California who became a hall of fame singer/songwriter.

•   Developing a series idea involving a comedic group of dysfunctional entrepreneurs running a successful fake news internet company.

•   Pursuing a co-production for a successful off off broadway stageplay examining prejudice and racial violence relevant to current events.

•  Developing a “thriller” sequel to “Flesh Is Heir To”